A Comparison of Tourism Security in Iran with Australia, America and European Countries in an Australian Media

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tour iranAustralian International Television Network reported that two international risk control institutes and SOS International institute rated Iran as one of the safest countries in the world for tourists in their evaluation for year 2019.

The Australian media has emphasized in its report: Iran’s security has been assessed according to the reports of these international bodies to Australia, America, Canada, China and European countries.

The author of the report said: Tourist security indicators such as low rates of racial, sectarian or political violence or unusual civil unrest have been taken into account in this study.


“Tourists consider the safety of other countries socially and politically or the likelihood of riots while traveling, and Iran’s security has been estimated in this respect, such as Australia and the United States.”


Terrorist threats are also another measure of tourist travel to a country that Iran has also been included in, the media reported.

Iran is located in the Middle East, but only a few other Middle Eastern countries, such as Kuwait and Qatar, have been rated as “low” by security risks, while other countries, such as Saudi Arabia with moderate security and others such as Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and many others as high risk security for tourists. African countries are listed as completely “dangerous” countries for tourists.The Australian media added: In addition to providing security, providing effective security and emergency services and utilizing infrastructure such as fast, easy and safe transportation for tourists, other factors are the choice of a country for travel.

Australian TV Channel 1 reported that Iran was involved in a war against Iraq during the years 1980-1988.

As a country of four seasons with numerous natural and historical attractions, Iran has always attracted foreign tourists.

The Independent also said in its report: Iran’s security has been assessed at European, US, Canadian and Australian levels. Finland, Norway and Denmark are among the safest countries in the world.

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